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I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, was home schooled while traveling with my parents through early childhood, attended high school and undergraduate college in Arkansas, and moved to Colorado to attend graduate school at the University of Colorado in 1997. I have lived in Boulder county with my husband Greg since we married in 1999. I work at Front Range Community College and I also love to cook, read, consume films, chase the cats around the house, hike, snowboard (when I get the opportunity), ride my motorcycle, and generally make mischief. For my complete Curriculum Vitae, click here: CV.






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Catlyn’s talk, “Fangs and Crosses: What Vampires Tell Us about American Christianity,” was featured in an article in the Longmont Daily-Times Call.

Link to video of Catlyn’s talk “Fangs & Crosses: Vampires and religion in American Culture” at the Longmont Library, October, 2012

Catlyn “acting” in The Baba Ganoush Incident, a short by Ivy Forrest Films. The film also features husband Greg and cat Amica and should not be taken as commentary on Catlyn’s cooking skills.

Greg’s band: Mourned by Flies


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